Revelstoke, British Columbia


An afternoon in Revelstoke might have you thinking about moving to the mountains.  Revelstoke is very tourist-friendly, and has a neat little downtown that’s clean, tidy, and filled with shops and restaurants.  It’s worth, at the least, an hour of walking around (or even better, an overnight stop — but unfortunately, I already had a room waiting for me back in Golden).

The grand entrance to Revelstoke’s downtown can be found at Victoria Road and MacKenzie Avenue.  Two statues of black bears stand watch over the intersection.

On the other side of Victoria Road, you’ll find the Canadian Pacific Railroad.  The CPR tracks run between downtown Revelstoke and Trans Canada 1 (which is just up the hill).

If you’re interested in Canada’s railroad history, you’ll probably want to drive 50 kilometers west on Highway 1, to Craigellachie.  It’s the spot where the last spike was driven into the Canadian Pacific Railroad, in 1885. 

Revelstoke’s Roxy Theatre is still showing movies downtown.  The Roxy was originally built as a hardware store in 1905, but was converted and named the Avolie Theater in 1937.  It has served as a theatre ever since.

If you take Trans Canada 1 through town, you’ll cross the Columbia River on this suspension bridge, built in 1961.  Before the suspension bridge was built, traffic had to use the Big Eddy Bridge to cross the Columbia.  That bridge was built in 1924, and it’s still in use, as part of Wilson Street.  You’ll find it just south of the suspension bridge.

In the winter, you’ll want to check out Revelstoke Mountain Resort on Mount MacKenzie.  The resort boasts a 5,620 vertical foot run — making it the highest vertical run served by a ski-lift in the Western Hemisphere.  Be sure to check out the resort’s website, which features a great video that will make you want to move to Revelstoke and never look back.

After visiting Revelstoke, it was getting late, and I had to make the drive back to Golden before sunset. The only benefit of staying in Golden was, it put me in a better location for Day 7, which would be a long day of driving back into Alberta, then up the Icefields Parkway.

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