Vermont 15: Cambridge


Cambridge is just a small dot on the Vermont road map, but it’s attractive centerpiece, the Cambridge United Church, convinced me to stop for a photo.  The rest of Cambridge lines up along North or South Main Street, which are essentially frontage roads off of Route 15.

I was two weeks early for the Ham Dinner in Cambridge, Vermont.

As I passed through Cambridge, I pulled off to the side of the road to check my map, and figure out exactly where I was.  It was then that, by accident, I looked over and discovered the Gates Farm covered bridge, just off the right side of the road.  I backed up and found the two-track dirt road that led through a field, and up to the bridge.  There weren’t any signs warning me to stay away…

… so of course, I made myself at home.  I drove through the bridge, but didn’t go out the other side, since it looked muddy.

Virtual Vermont’s index of covered bridges doesn’t have a lot of information about this one, but it does say that the Gates Farm Bridge (a.k.a. Little Bridge) is a Burr Arch bridge, with a 60 foot span, crossing the Seymour River.  It was built in 1897.

After Cambridge, it’s only about two miles to Route 108 in Jeffersonville. Take a right turn, and head south on Route 108 towards Smuggler’s Notch.

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