Grist Mill Covered Bridge, Brewster River Gorge


One of Vermont’s most beautiful drives begins at the crossroads of Jeffersonville, where a turn south on Route 108 takes you towards Smuggler’s Notch, Mount Mansfield, and eventually, the picture-perfect town of Stowe.  But it all begins with an attraction that would be easy to miss.  Just off the left side of Route 108 (if you’re heading south), as the highway begins to climb into the hills, is Brewster River Gorge.

And just off of Route 108, you’ll find the Grist Mill Covered Bridge.

The Grist Mill Bridge goes by several other names, as well: Scott, Bryant, Grand Canyon, and Brewster River.  The bridge’s 80-foot-long span is supported by a Burr Arch design.  Its construction date and builder are unknown.

The bridge is open to traffic, so you can drive across it…

… or walk across, and peer out its windows, looking towards the Brewster River Gorge.

On the far side of the bridge, you can take a short hike on the Alden Bryan Brewster River Trail.  There’s a sign that marks the trail, but unfortunately, there wasn’t a sign to tell me that a waterfall was just 3/10 of a mile away. and have all the information on Jefferson Falls, and how to get there from the covered bridge.  Also, be aware that — while searching for information on the falls — I found a website that suggests the Jefferson Falls area is a good place for gay skinny-dipping. 

This mill/private residence is at the edge of Route 108.  If you want to take a closer look at it, you can walk to it from the parking area.

South of the gorge, Route 108’s twists and turns announce that this is going to be a fun road to drive.

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