US Hwy. 40 – Hayden, Colorado


When you travel across a road that’s as lonely and empty as US 40 in northwestern Colorado, you pay attention to every little town along the way.  Tiny Hayden, Colorado is the only such town you’ll encounter, between Steamboat Springs and Craig, and it goes by quickly.

As far as I can tell, there’s just one reason to stop in Hayden, and it’s hard to miss.  Located by the side of the main road, I spotted this windmill-shaped coffee shop, then made a u-turn to come back and take a picture.  The base of the windmill is home to GG’s Coffee Shop.  The restaurant opened in 2007, but the building dates back to the 1970’s, and was originally home to a hamburger restaurant called the Dutch Mill.

An article in Steamboat Today in 2007 explains how the coffee shop got its name.  It’s owned by four women, the Girton Girls, two of whom live in Hayden and operate the place. 

As I quickly wandered around Hayden, one other building seemed picturesque — this old auto garage, that’s partially covered by weeds and brush.

Drivelapse Video


Here’s a time-lapse dash-cam video of the drive from Steamboat Springs to Craig, westbound on US Highway 40:

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