Provo Falls, On The Mirror Lake Scenic Byway


Most of my drive down the Mirror Lake Byway was gloomy and disappointing, but I did find one place where the weather didn’t matter.  Provo River Falls is located right beside U-150, and a hike to the upper portion of the cascade takes only a minute.

The upper portion of the falls is quite impressive, and there are several good places to view it.  A trail runs parallel to the river, and follows the falls downhill…

… so you can walk all the way down to the lower viewpoint.  Pick your favorite spot and enjoy the sounds of rushing water.

If you look closely, you can tell that it was pouring the rain as I took these pictures.  I had to shield my camera with my baseball cap, which meant my head got soaked, but at least the camera didn’t.

Looking downstream, the river continues to tumble downhill, as it cuts into a canyon.  You can view that canyon, a mile or so away…

… at a turnout at the side of the highway.


Provo River Falls is located on U-150, the Mirror Lake Byway, 24 miles from Kamas, Utah.

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