Kamas, Utah


The small city of Kamas, Utah is located at the end of the Mirror Lake Byway, where U-150 dead-ends at U-32.  Downtown businesses line up along U-32 (Main Street), including the tiny Kamas Theater.  Built in 1942, the Kamas Theater operated through 1999.  Since then, it has intermittently opened and closed.

I walked around town, just long enough to admire the neon sign at the fire department…

… and the crumbling sign for Hi Mountain Drug, which is still in business.

Once I left Kamas, I didn’t stop until I reached my hotel in Salt Lake City.  Then, I did a little exploring in the city, and thankfully, the weather finally started cooperating.


From Kamas, turn on U-248, which will take you east to the Park City area.  Turn north on US 40/189, then west on I-80 for the drive into Salt Lake City.

Drivelapse Video

Here’s the time-lapse, dash-cam video of the drive from Kamas to Salt Lake City:

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