Carson, Washington


After my very, very long drive down from Mount St. Helens on remote Forest Service roads, I was quite happy to arrive in Carson, Washington.  Granted, there isn’t much here, but Carson’s miniature downtown provided a good excuse to get out of the car and walk around for a few minutes.  There are a handful of businesses that are open, including a good antiques store (the building in the middle of the photo above).

Yes, that really is a genuine flashing red traffic light at the 4-way stop in the center of town.

I wonder what kind of gifts you could get at a Cafe that also serves as a tackle shop?  I guess we’ll never know, since it looked like this downtown Carson business went under, quite a while ago.

From the blinking light at the center of Carson, you can follow Hot Springs Avenue east to Carson Mineral Hot Springs Spa & Golf Resort.  It’s been offering mineral-water baths to tourists since 1892.

The most important thing about Carson is, it’s a gateway to the Columbia River Valley.  I joined up with Washington 14 and headed east, to the Hood River Bridge, then crossed the river and headed west on US 30.  Both sides of the river provide a great scenic drive.

Drivelapse Video

This Drivelapse video shows a little bit of both sides.

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