Bubble Pond, Acadia National Park


Bubble Pond occupies a cozy spot in Acadia National Park.  It’s nestled in between Mount Desert Island’s highest and 4th highest peaks (Cadillac Mountain and Pemetic Mountain, respectively).  The lake is relatively small, compared to its neighbors, Jordan Pond and Eagle Lake.

Despite its name, you won’t have a good view of either Bubble at Bubble Lake.  At least, I couldn’t see them from the picnic area at the north end of the lake.  Maybe you can see them if you walk along the eastern edge of the lake.

Along the western side of Bubble Pond, you’ll find one of the park’s Carriage Roads.  This is a great place to take a walk, or ride a bike.  When I was pedaling down Acadia’s Carriage Roads, I considered taking the route that runs beside Bubble Pond, but instead, I opted for an alternative path that took me to Jordan Pond House.

If you’re wanting to take a moderately-long walk on a Carriage Road, consider this route: start at Bubble Pond, and walk south towards signpost #17.  It’s about 3 miles, then another 1.3 miles from signpost #17 to #16 at Jordan Pond House.  Have lunch or get a snack, then catch the free shuttle bus back to your car at Bubble Pond.

A stop at Bubble Pond also gives you the chance to walk over and under one of Acadia’s famous hand-cut stone bridges.  This one dates back to 1928.

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