US 97: Blewett Pass


If you’re making a loop through the Cascade Mountains, and hoping to get back to Seattle by sunset, you’ll want to shortcut from I-90 to US-2 via US-97, which cuts across Blewett Pass.  The truth is, there isn’t a lot to see, from the time  you leave the interstate until you reach Leavenworth.  Washington Route 970 passes through some rolling farmland, then US-97 plunges into the hills.  To call them “mountains” seems a bit too strong, since the surrounding peaks never appear too imposing.

US 97 tops out at Blewett Pass, at 4,102 feet (1250 meters).  Look for a dirt road that goes uphill from the pass, and you can locate this viewpoint, just above the highway.  I followed the dirt road for a few minutes, but didn’t come upon any better viewpoint than this one.

This was my only stop on US 97.  If you’d like to see the entire drive across Blewett Pass, check out the Drivelapse Video on the previous page, which starts in Roslyn.

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