Breaking Bad Filming Locations in Albuquerque


Of course you loved Breaking Bad. Everybody did. And now you can’t get over the fact that the show has come to an end, and you’ll never see Walt, Jesse, Skyler, or Saul again (okay, Saul will still be around, but you know it’s not the same). No more superlab. No more Pollos Hermanos. It’s enough to make you want to crank up the music and have a never-ending party with all your meth-head friends. But that’s not the answer. You know it’s not.

The only real answer is to head to Albuquerque and live the BrBa experience. I’m not talking about cooking in an old Winnebago. I’m talking about driving around and seeing all the filming locations. The makers of Breaking Bad really did use Albuquerque as their stage, and even though the show revealed a horrible side of the Duke City, Albuquerque has embraced the fame. So, let’s take a tour of the most recognizable and memorable locations from Breaking Bad.

Oh, and I should mention, *spoiler alert*.

>>> First up: Walt’s House

You can also take the tour via Drivelapse!

And here’s a map of the routes I took.

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