Railroad Bridge Park, Sequim, Washington


Once you leave Port Townsend, head back down WA Rte. 20 to US 101, then head west (or is it still north at this point?) towards the town of Sequim.

It’s pronounced SKWIM. The name derives from a Native American word meaning “calm waters”.
Local officials have preserved this old railroad bridge over the Dungeness River near Sequim.

Railroad Path Bridge, Sequim Washington

If you have time, you can follow the trail, as it follows the old railway.

Dungeness River Railroad Bridge, Sequim

Sequim sits in the rainshadow of the Olympic Mountains.  Moisture from the Pacific can’t make it over the mountain peaks, so instead, it falls in the rainforests on the west side of the mountains.  That leaves a “blue hole” over Sequim, making it drier than many of its northwest neighbors.


Kitchen Dick Road, Near Sequim, Washington

I guess the name “Kitchen-Dick Road” just wasn’t funny enough for somebody.  Take a close look at the sign above, and the creative way it’s been modified.

Note: This trip was first published in 2004.

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