Clallam Bay: Slightly Famous Running Fish Statue


Once you leave Neah Bay, you won’t find many businesses, until you reach the tiny towns of Sekiu and Clallam Bay.  The latter is worth a brief stop, if only to behold its centerpiece: the Running Fish.

Running Fish, "Gill", Clallam Bay Washington

The Running Fish (also known as the Fishman, or Gill) stands in the parking lot of the Clallam Bay Grocery Store.  You’ll pass it as you round the curve.

In fact, that curve is the reason I didn’t see the statue on my first pass through town.  I guess that’s a good thing, since if I had spotted it then, I would have stopped, and taken some daylight pictures.  And that would have made me late for the sunset at Cape Flattery.

Road Trip USA author Jamie Jensen describes Clallam Bay’s Running Fish statue as “nearly world famous”.  During my visit, it needed a good pressure washing.

Running Fish, "Gill", Clallam Bay Washington

After snapping a few shots of Gill, continue to back-track your way to US 101, then headed south.  Once you reach the highway, the town of Forks is just a few minutes away.  There you’ll find several places to stay, including the Forks Motel, which provided me with a clean and inexpensive room.

Your choice of radio stations is limited here, but you can tune in to broadcasts from the other side of the Strait.  Canadian stations provide news, talk, and music, in English and French.

Note: This trip was first published in 2004.

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