Ethridge, Montana’s Beautiful Grain Elevator


Ethridge, Montana is a very small town.  For confirmation, look no further than Wikipedia, which describes the community in just four sentences.  Yes, it’s true that there isn’t a lot here, but Ethridge, Montana does have one thing going for it: a beautiful grain elevator.


Ethridge is located on the Hi-Line, US Highway 2, in between Cut Bank and Shelby, Montana.

My Visit

There is no shortage of grain elevators along the Hi-Line, but this one caught my eye.  It’s located on the opposite side of town from US 2 — but that’s just two blocks.  I spotted Ethridge’s skyscraper from the highway and made the drive across town just to see it up-close.

I’m pretty sure the GTA logo refers to Montana’s “Growth Through Agriculture” program, which provides grants and loans to farmers.  The artwork gave Ethridge’s grain elevator some extra character.

I wouldn’t recommend climbing that ladder.

Ethridge, Montana


The grain elevator is located next to the railroad tracks — and by that I mean, this giant pile of railroad tracks, which are stacked up next to the actual railroad tracks.  There’s also a parking lot full of antique trucks, which were fun to look at.  I think it’s all owned by Torgerson’s, which is a farm equipment company that opened its original location in Ethridge in 1912.  The family farm is still here, as well.

Unless you want to stop by Torgerson’s and check out the latest farming equipment, Ethridge will just be a brief stop along the Hi-Line.  Hit the road again and keep going to Shelby.

Drivelapse Video

Here’s a look at the drive eastbound on the Hi-Line, from East Glacier Park Village to Malta, Montana:

The Bottom Line

Stop by Ethridge for just a moment, and admire the old grain elevator on the north side of town.  That’s about it.

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