Endless Wall Hiking Trail, New River Gorge


The stunning New River Gorge Bridge demands your attention when you visit the Gorge, so it only stands to reason that several of the best hikes in the Gorge provide excellent viewpoints of the bridge.  You can find one of those great views on the north side of the gorge, where an outcropping of rock seems to go on forever — that’s why they call it the Endless Wall.  You can hike out to numerous viewpoints along this cliff via the Endless Wall Trail to Diamond Point.


The Endless Wall Trail has two access points — both are at trailheads along Lansing Edmond Road.  From the bridge, head north on US 19, pass the exit to the visitor center, then take the next right onto Lansing Edmond Road.  The first trailhead is about 1.3 miles from US 19, the second one is about 1/2 mile further.  I chose to use the first trailhead, and hiked out to Diamond Point and back the way I came.

My Visit

The main highlight of the Endless Wall Trail is, of course, the Endless Wall.  But the truth is, there isn’t much to see until you get there.  It’s just a nice, fairly level and easy walk through the woods.

The start of the trail is clearly marked.  As you begin, you’ll quickly plunge into the forest…

… where the best views are straight up.

This old log was probably the most interesting thing I saw along the trail, until I got to the cliffs.

This sign pointing towards Diamond Point is roughly the halfway point of the trail, but for most hikers, it means you’ve arrived at your destination. The trail continues on to the second trailhead, but you probably don’t want to go there, since that’s not where your car is.

Diamond Point, on the Endless Wall Trail

The view from Diamond Point gives you a limited view of the New River Gorge Bridge, however, the view in the opposite direction is quite good (it’s pictured further up the page).   I found it best to backtrack a little, and look for a better spot along the cliff.

This is the best place I could find along the Endless Wall Trail.  From here, you get to see the bridge (most of it, anyway), and you get to see some of the Endless Wall.

Find your own private perch on the cliff and chill out for a while.  The best part of this hike is the rewarding destination, so enjoy it for a few minutes, before backtracking to your car.  Your total hiking distance should be about two miles, round-trip.

Drivelapse Video

Here’s a look at the drive over the New River Gorge Bridge and then under the bridge on Fayette Station Road:

The Bottom Line

The Endless Wall Trail doesn’t provide the very best view of the New River Gorge Bridge – that honor goes to the Long Point Trail.  But, I’d say that the Endless Wall is a close second.  You’ll get a good view of 90% of the bridge, as well as the rest of the Gorge, and you’ll get to enjoy a nice walk through the woods to get there.

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