Escape to Canada, Option #4: Fredericton, New Brunswick


About an hour’s drive up the road from Saint John and the Fundy Coast, you’ll find Fredericton, New Brunswick.  It’s the capital of the province and the third-largest metro area in New Brunswick.


The best way to experience Fredericton is to take a walk across the Bill Thorpe Walking Bridge, an old railroad bridge across the St. John River.  On the day I visited, the warm water had created some morning fog along the river, making the bridge feel like a scene from a zombie apocalypse movie.


But once the fog lifted, I was treated to a spectacular view of downtown Fredericton, complete with church steeples …


…and the dome of the Legislative Assembly Building.

Is Fredericton right for you?  If you want easy access to the U.S., then maybe it is.  The northern end of Interstate 95 is just one hour away from Fredericton, via Trans Canada Highway 2.  Boston is about a six-hour drive.

Maybe a small town isn’t for you.  Maybe you’d prefer Canada’s biggest city, Toronto.  We’ll go there next.

What do you think?  Would Fredericton make a good place to live?  Did I miss a great Canadian town that should be on the list?  Want to yell at me about the results of the election? Hey, that’s what the internet is for!  Throw in your two cents in the comments below.

Oh, and you can also check out my guide to visiting Canada for Americans and my guide to Visiting the Rockies in Winter.  And if you decide to go for a visit, use the search box on this page.  It’ll give you a great deal, and you’ll help support!

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