Wilson Arch, along US 191 near Moab, Utah


As day 4 began, I arose early and headed back down US 191, the same road I had traveled two days ago, in the dark.  And just as I suspected, there was quite a bit to see, that I missed.

I stopped for just a moment to watch the sun rising behind Wilson Arch.  Finally, an arch that didn’t require a mile long hike: Wilson Arch is right at the edge of the highway.

Watch for Hole ‘N The Rock as you leave Moab.  The decades- old tourist attraction is an entire house, carved out of a sandstone mountain-side.  You can take a tour or just visit the gift shop.  Alas, I started out too early, and it hadn’t opened yet. I did get to visit Hole ‘N The Rock on a later trip.

In the rear view mirror: a look back at the LaSal Mountains.

From here, our trip continues back down  US 191, past Monticello and Blanding, to the intersection of UT 95: an incredible road that will take us northwest across the state.

Instead of backtracking down 191, you could head north to I-70, then west to UT 24.  This route would save you several hours of driving, but you’d miss out on some incredible scenery.

Note: This trip was first published in 2004.

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