The Falls at Idaho Falls, ID


I hear that Idaho Falls is a beautiful city.  Unfortunately, I can’t vouch for it.  When I awoke on Day 7 of my trip, I once again went to my motel room window, peered out, and didn’t see a single ray of sun.  In fact, I was facing the worst weather yet: a solid, steady downpour coming from an incredibly dark grey sky.  Not even the most beautiful of small towns could look good in this weather.  I decided to see the only attraction a visitor must see when visiting Idaho Falls, and that is, of course, the falls themselves.

You can view the falls from the US 20 bridge (Grandview Drive), just a few blocks east of Interstate 15.

This is the view from the bridge over the Snake River.  The falls are part of a man-made structure that feeds a hydroelectric plant.  A long wall runs lengthwise, creating a very long spillway.  There are more natural parts of the falls as well, but you’ll need to explore a little more to view those.

If the weather isn’t quite as miserable during your visit, consider taking a walk on part of Idaho Falls’ Greenbelt.  The walkway runs along the river, forming several loops.  Here’s a map to help.

Perhaps Idaho Falls’ most distinctive building is the LDS Temple, located on the river just north of US 20.

That’s about all I can tell you about Idaho Falls.  It was nearly impossible to keep my camera dry while walking around the city, and as I drove, it was nearly impossible to enjoy any of the sights, because of the rain.  So, I gave up, and headed out of town on US 20.

Note: This trip was first published in 2006.  Much of the same area was covered in the Big Sky trip in 2014.

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