Seal Rock, Oregon Coast


I enjoyed Seal Rock so much on Day 2, that I decided to stop here again on the final day of my trip.  This time, thankfully, it wasn’t rainy.

Seal Rock is located between Newport and Waldport, right next to US 101.

You can see what Seal Rock looks like on a rainy day, by jumping to Day 2 of my trip.

From the parking lot, a crumbling paved path drops down, ending before you reach the beach.  From there, you’ll need to climb over rocks and driftwood.  The biggest rock is actually Elephant Rock–Seal Rock (or Seal Rocks) is just behind.

This is the gap between Elephant Rock and Seal Rock, where waves come crashing in at high tide.

Go ahead and climb around…

… but keep an eye out for sea life.  It’s not abundant here, but you might find an occasional sea anemone or starfish hiding in a tide pool.  Remember, don’t step on any rock that crunches.

Step carefully, and you can venture out onto the rocky sandbars, without stepping on anything

Just watch out for the birds, and remember, the tops of Seal Rock and Elephant Rock are protected habitats.

Note: This trip was first published in 2007.

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