Court of the Patriarchs, Zion Canyon


After emerging from the tunnel, then winding back and forth down the road to the base of the canyon, you’ll reach this scenic stone bridge.  If you recognize the mountain peak in the background, there’s good reason.  The Canyon Overlook is right below it.

After crossing Pine Creek here, the road heads on into Zion Canyon.  Turn right at the intersection to head up the Scenic Drive; turn left to visit the Zion Museum and Visitor’s Center, and to exit the park, headed towards Springdale.

During the summer, Zion restricts visitors from driving up the scenic drive.  Instead, you must take a shuttle.  You can park at the Visitor’s Center, or in Springdale, and catch a bus back into the park.

Court of the Patriarchs

Before turning onto the Scenic Drive, I couldn’t imagine the road becoming any more scenic than it already was.  Then, I looked up at mountain peaks like these, which line the entire road.  It left me wondering, after six days of travel, is this the most impressive place I’d seen so far?  I’m pretty sure Zion even tops the Grand Canyon on my list.

Food is available at the Zion Lodge.  You’ll find an elegant restaurant and a fast food bar.  I opted for the fast food, and I strongly recommend the pizza.  I also suggest you eat on the patio outside, while staring up at the incredible canyon walls.

Note: This trip was first published in 2004.  I spent much more time in Zion National Park in 2007.  You can check out that trip here.

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