Cameron, Arizona & Agathla Peak


This old bridge crosses the Little Colorado.  It’s fenced off now, due to the natural gas pipeline running down the center.  Too bad, it would make a nice pedestrian bridge.

I normally shy away from food sold in gas station stores.  But in Cameron, AZ, I gave into temptation and purchased a green chili burrito.  It was incredible.

US 160 splits off from US 89 about 16 miles north of Cameron.  After that, the scenery really gets interesting.

You could choose to continue up US 89, instead of turning off onto US 160.  If you did, you’d cross the Colorado at scenic Navajo Bridge (the first crossing east of Hoover Dam).  You’ll eventually end up in Kanab, UT, gateway to Zion NP.  This trip will end up there in a few days.  You can also check out my extensive visit to Zion in 2007.

There’s no doubt many of the folks living along here are struggling to make ends meet.  While their homes are modest, they come with incredibly scenic backyards.

US 163 – Agathla Peak

This towering mountain makes it easy to spot the turnoff from 160 to 163.  Just head towards Agathla Peak.  There are several wide dirt pull-offs, so you shouldn’t have any trouble getting off the road to snap a similar picture (unless someone’s right on your bumper). Agathla Peak towers above the desert at a height of 7,100 feet.

Note: This trip was first published in 2004.

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