San Jose, New Mexico On Old Route 66

San Jose is yet another traditional, small New Mexico town, that has exactly what–by this point on the trip–you’ve come to expect to find.  There are dirt roads leading past the town’s adobe church, surrounded by picturesque, traditional houses, most of which are also made of adobe.

San Jose, New Mexico is on the south side of Interstate 25, east of exit 319 and west of the intersection of NM Rte. 3.  If you’re traveling the frontage road, you’ll need to watch for the turn, then drive under the interstate and into town.

There’s the church…

… and a few of the surrounding houses.

San Jose was originally a Route 66 town, even though nowadays the Interstate and the frontage road both bypass it.  But the proof of San Jose’s Route 66 heritage can still be found on the east side of town:

This old thru-truss bridge once carried the Mother Road over the Pecos River.  Nowadays, the bridge is in severe disrepair.  Railings along the side are missing, critical joints are rusty, the bridge’s surface of wooden planks looks iffy at best, and the road leading up to it on either end has eroded away.

But, if you’re careful, you can still park at one end, and walk across.  Just don’t jump up and down too much.

Note: This trip was first published in 2008.

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