Forest Road 525C – Sedona


Sedona isn’t all scenic hikes.  You can also take some scenic drives — and there’s probably no better landscape to be seen from the inside of a car, than what you’ll find along Forest Road 525C.

Forest Road 525C is part of the scenic loop that runs north of Arizona Route 89A.  To drive the entire scenic loop, turn off 89A at Dry Creek Road (FR152C).  Turn away from Long Canyon and Boynton Canyon, and you’ll eventually pass trailheads for Fay Canyon and Bear Mountain.  FR152C turns to dirt, and dead-ends at FR525.  Turn right to explore the northern end of FR525, which dead-ends at the entrance to Hancock Ranch (private property).  Backtrack, then follow the signs to Rte. 89A, and you’ll eventually be back on the main road.

FR525 skirts the edge of the Red Rocks/Secret Mountain Wilderness.  For most of the way, red and white rock mountains either stand directly ahead of you, or to your right.  There aren’t many trails along this part of the road…

… in fact, I only know of one.  The trailhead for Loy Canyon Trail is at the end of the road, where FR525C enters private land.  The trail looks tempting, but Loy Canyon Trial is a long one — ten miles round trip.  It was already late in the day, so I didn’t give it a try.

On the way back down the road, I stopped at a spot I had seen on the way in.  This small corral provided a good spot for some pictures, with a nice red rock cliff in the background.

There’s also a good chance that you’ll find some cows wandering around here, on either side of the fence.  Watch your step, if you know what I mean!

Note: This page was first published in 2008.

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