Falls of Hills Creek Scenic Area

The more effort you put into discovering Falls of Hills Creek, the better discoveries you’ll make.  There are three waterfalls here, and each one is bigger and more impressive than the last.

Falls of Hills Creek is located on WV Route 55/39, about 5.6 miles west of the intersection of WV Route 150 (the parkway portion of Highland Scenic Byway).

Since water runs downhill, it’s inevitable that…

… you’ll have to climb down, then back up, a lot of stairs (the trail drops about 220 feet in elevation from top to bottom).

Access to the first waterfall is said to be handicapped-friendly, and no stair climbing is required.  Unfortunately, you can barely see the first, 25 foot cascade.  The view was so bad, I didn’t even bother taking a picture of it.

The downhill trail follows Hills Creek, as it tumbles over rocks and forms a few mini-waterfalls.  Don’t get discouraged, it’s about to get better!

After 126 steps down, you reach the second cascade.  It is 45 feet high, and much more beautiful than the first.  It’s also much easier to view.  But the best one awaits at the end of the trail, so keep descending (just 219 more steps to go!)

The third waterfall at Falls of Hills Creek is an impressive 63 feet high.  You could probably walk behind it, except such behavior is against the rules (plus, imagine what this picture would look like if some idiot was taking a shower underneath the falls!).  Stay on the viewing platform, and enjoy the view.

The lower falls at Falls of Hills Creek is the second-highest waterfall in West Virginia.

On the way back up, watch for a side trail that splits off near a switchback in the trail near the middle falls.  This will take you to the parking lot, and avoid some of those stairs.

I skipped the final few miles of the Highland Scenic Highway, which ends in Richwood, West Virginia.  Instead, I backtracked on WV Route 55/39 to US Hwy. 219, then headed south towards Lewisburg.  If you choose to continue on WV 39, you’ll hit Summersville and US 19, a major north/south highway through the state.

Note: This trip was first published in 2008.

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