Alanreed, Texas: 66 Super Service Station


Alanreed is yet another ghost town along Route 66 in the Texas panhandle.  Just like McLean and Shamrock, it boomed in the 1920’s, during a few years when oil was big in this part of Texas.  And just like those other towns, the population dwindled in the decades that followed.  The only difference is, Alanreed was never as big as some of its neighbors, and now, it’s barely there at all.

The earliest routing of Route 66 enters Alanreed via a dirt road from McLean.  I wasn’t able to find this road, and didn’t have a lot of time to go searching for it.  So, I decided to be content with the I-40 frontage road that served as a more recent alignment of the Mother Road.

Like its two neighbors to the east, Alanreed also has a picturesque old filling station.  Its canopy proudly displays the boastful name “66 Super Service Station”.

Some restoration has already taken place here, even though there isn’t a business currently operating out of the old building.

There are a few more buildings scattered amongst the few blocks that make up Alanreed, but these days, there’s not a lot going on here.  More Route 66 awaits, once again turning into a frontage road west of town.

Note: This trip was first published in 2008.

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