Face Rock Beach, Bandon, Oregon


It would be easy to make a critical mistake at Face Rock Beach.  At first, this just looks like a scenic viewpoint.  It’s even called “Face Rock State Scenic Viewpoint”.  You could quickly hop out of your car, take a picture of the “face”, and take off.  But if that’s what you do, you’ll be missing a great walk on a very nice beach — below the viewpoint.


Face Rock Beach is located in Bandon, Oregon, along Beach Loop Road.  US 101 stays inland as you head through town, so be sure you take the scenic loop that provides access to Face Rock Beach.  You’ll also get to drive through some pretty coastal neighborhoods.

My Visit

I admit, I thought Face Rock Beach was just going to be a quick stop on my tour of the scenic Beach Loop.  From the parking lot, I looked south…


… and admired the beach, then looked straight out…


and saw the “face” in Face Rock.  Fortunately…


… I also noticed a pathway that headed down to the beach.


It’s access point #151 — something you need to remember, once you’ve wandered along the beach for a while.

When you get down to the water, you realize what a great beach this is.


Face Rock is just one of the features you’ll find along the beach.  There are numerous rocks and sea stacks, which make for some interesting pictures.  Check out the slideshow at the top of the page to see some of my best pictures from the beach.


Look around, and you may also spot some caves to explore!  These may be difficult to access at high tide.  Don’t get stuck inside.


During my visit, the weather was quickly changing from drizzly and cloudy to partly sunny, then back again.  A mist coming off the ocean provided a mystical feel to everything.

The Bottom Line

Plan to spend a little extra time at Face Rock Beach.  Don’t just settle for the view from the parking area — take the short hike down to the water and enjoy the beach from sea level!

Drivelapse Video

Here’s a look at the time-lapse drive from Port Orford to Bandon, including the Beach Loop:

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