The Mohawk Trail: Greenfield, Mass.


After driving for several hours from Manchester, New Hampshire into Massachusetts, then across the state on Route 2, Greenfield provided a shock to my senses.  It’s not a big city, not one bit, but it seemed surprisingly large after a day of tiny towns and rural roads.

Instead of following Mass. Route 2 through town (it will take you onto Interstate 91), turn onto US Hwy. 5 and head south.  As you arrive in downtown Greenfield, the beautiful St. James Episcopal Church greets you.

Just a few blocks further, and you’re in downtown Greenfield.  The town square is a triangle, surrounded by bigger buildings than I had seen all day.  Among them, the Second Congregational Church, and Greenfield Town Hall next door.

A monument marks the southern tip of the triangle.

Be sure to check out the Drivelapse video to get a better idea of what downtown Greenfield looks like.  As you can see, the sun was setting, and I didn’t have time to explore as much as I would have liked.  I was also beginning to realize that I was going to miss a lot of the scenery on the Mohawk Trail, which begins at Greenfield.

You could argue that this souvenir shop marks the unofficial start of the Mohawk Trail.  Its great old neon sign lured me in for a few minutes.

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