Little Hunters Beach, Acadia National Park


After circling around Otter Cove, you might think that the best part of Acadia’s loop road is behind you.  From here on, the road stays sheltered by trees, and there are no more great views of the Atlantic Ocean.  But there is one hidden attraction that’s easy to miss.  Little Hunters Beach isn’t advertised with any signs along the road, so there’s a good chance you’ll be the only one who has discovered it.

Shortly after Otter Cove, watch for this stone bridge.  There’s a parking area at the side of the road, just before you cross the bridge.  Only a couple of cars can squeeze in here, but the space is usually unoccupied.  Park here, and walk across the road…

… and you’ll find a staircase that leads down to a picture-perfect rocky cove.

This beach isn’t sand — it’s covered with stones, each one measuring several inches.  The rounded rocks make a very satisfying sound as you walk across them, and as the incoming waves wash over them, then attempt to pull them back out to sea.

Those rocks jut out to form Hunters Head — though I don’t think there are any established trails that lead through that area.

After you’ve enjoyed the solitude of your own private cove, head back up the steps…

… and notice the man-made waterfall flowing through the opening in the stone bridge.

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