Faust Street Pedestrian Bridge, New Braunfels


Before you leave New Braunfels, there’s one more historic stop you should make.  Best of all, this one allows you to stretch your legs for a few minutes.

Just before you arrive back at the Interstate, as you’re heading away from downtown, watch for Faust Street, and make a left (it’s one block before the TX-46/Business 35 intersection).  Faust street dead-ends in just a few blocks, but the old Faust Street Bridge is still carrying pedestrians and bicyclists over the Guadalupe River.

The Faust Street Bridge dates back to 1887.  Its design is a “Metal Pinned Whipple Through Truss” (if you’re a bridge geek, I guess you’ll know exactly what that means).  Apparently, that’s pretty impressive, in the world of historic bridges.

From the middle of the bridge, you’ll have a great view upstream, looking at what appears to be an old hydroelectric plant.  It isn’t very far upstream where the Guadalupe and Comal rivers combine.

Once you reach the other side, there isn’t much to see or do, but turn around and walk back.  You can also walk down the hill, underneath the bridge, to the edge of the river.

From New Braunfels, travel north on Interstate 35 to San Marcos, then head into downtown and locate Ranch Road 12.

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