Christine Falls at Mount Rainier


Christine Falls is a perfect photo spot, located along the road to Paradise on Mount Rainier National Park’s southwest side.  It’s so convenient and close to the road, that the road itself is part of the picture that everyone takes.  The main park road (outside the park, it’s known as Washington Route 706)  crosses above Van Trump Creek here, just after the creek plunges 37 feet.  There’s an upper tier to Christine Falls as well, bringing its total height to 69 feet.  But, you can’t see the upper tier from the viewpoint — you’ll have to walk over the bridge (careful! the road is narrow here) and look upstream to see the rest of it.

For another perspective on Christine Falls and Van Trump Creek, you can walk a short distance on the Comet Falls Trail.  The trailhead is at a parking area, just a short distance away (west of the falls).  A 1/4 mile walk on the trail takes you over Van Trump Creek on a footbridge, and lets you look downstream towards the road and the falls.  While you won’t see the lower tier of Christine Falls from this location, you will get to see multiple small cascades drop through narrow chasm which the creek has carved, on its way to Christine Falls.

Christine Falls is named in honor of Christine Van Trump. She was the daughter of Philemon Beecher Van Trump, the first man to successfully summit Mount Rainier, back in 1870.

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