Goats on the Roof, Helen, Georgia


Just when you think you’ve escaped the made-for-tourists town of Helen, Georgia, another tourist trap awaits.  About two miles out of town, just after you’ve turned onto Georgia Route 75A towards the Richard Russell Scenic Highway, you’ll come across a family of goats… on a roof.

This place that has goats on the roof is called, shockingly enough, Goats on the Roof.  The porch roofs are connected by catwalks and covered with grass.  Crowds of people stop by, and look up…

… to see goats, just above their heads.

If the goats don’t want to be on the roof, they can come down, using this ramp.

But most of the time, they stay upstairs, and with good reason.

That’s where the food is!

Several contraptions let visitors fill a cup with goat food, then turn a crank or pedal a bicycle, to slowly move the food up to the hungry goats.

And of course, the goats reward visitors with a great deal of appreciation.

So what’s the point of this place?  Well, once you’ve seen the goats and fed the goats, you’ll likely be compelled to go inside the gift shop and buy something with goats on it.  There’s also a deli that serves sandwiches, fudge, and candy.

This is the second Goats on the Roof location. The original is in Tiger, Georgia, about 25 miles to the northeast.

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