Boulder Falls, and the drive through Boulder Canyon


It only takes a little bit of effort to visit one of Boulder’s treasured natural attractions.  About 11 miles west of the city, in the middle of Boulder Canyon along Highway 119, you’ll find Boulder Falls.  This 70-foot cascade is part of North Boulder Creek.  Just below it, the creek mingles with Middle Boulder Creek — the stream that runs alongside the highway.

Park your car at the side of Highway 119, cross the road (carefully!), then hike the quarter-mile trail that leads back to the falls.  The trail ends at this viewpoint, where you can enjoy a nice perspective on the waterfall.  You’re not supposed to venture any closer to the falls, since the rocks are slick and dangerous (and signs warn that visitors have died while trying to scramble for a closer look).

Take a few pictures, and that’s it!  Once you’ve seen the falls, there isn’t much more to do here.  Hike back to the car and continue your drive towards Boulder or Nederland.

The land surrounding Boulder Falls was once part of some mining claims held by Charles G. Buckingham, the co-founder of what is now Norwest Bank.  He donated the land to the city of Boulder for recreational purposes in 1914.

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Boulder Falls is located in the middle of a fun drive through Boulder Canyon.

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