Alma, Colorado


Even though I had to drive north from Hoosier Pass to get back to my motel for the night, I decided to take a detour south, to check out Alma, Colorado.  This tiny town feels a little bit quirky, and it has certainly held onto its authentic western character.

Alma is the highest incorporated town in North America, at 10,578 feet.  Among its notable downtown businesses and buildings…

… are the side-by-side Hotel…

… and Bar.  I’m fairly certain that the hotel is not currently open, but the bar is still in business, which is good, since it’s apparently the town’s only drinking establishment.

You can also get some booze to go, at nearby Hoosier Daddy Liquors.  The creative name is a reference to nearby Hoosier Pass and Hoosier Ridge.

You might get lucky and find the Alma Fire House & Mining Museum open — but it wasn’t when I was there.

Perhaps most noticeable is Al-Mart, a store that’s very different than that other retailer with a suspiciously similar name.  Al-Mart is a traditional general store, with a little bit of everything you could ever need.  It also has a wide selection of logoed merchandise, so your friends back home can also do a double-take.

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