Seaside, Oregon


Just south of Astoria, the next big tourist draw is Seaside, Oregon.    Seaside boasts a busy beach backed by condominiums, hotels, and gift shops.

Seaside also marks the end to the Lewis and Clark Trail.  The explorers camped here during the winter of 1805-06, building up their salt supply by boiling down ocean water.

The Lewis & Clark statue stands in the middle of the “turnaround”.  While it’s now a place for cars to make a U-turn, it used to mark the end of the rail line from Portland.

Looking through the turnaround wall, you see the beach, and in the distance, the tip of Ecola State Park, which is our next stop.

Need gas? Fill your tank in Seaside.  I couldn’t find a station in Cannon Beach, or for miles along US 26.

Note: This trip was first published in 2004.

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