Sunset at Ubehebe Crater, Death Valley


At the end of my bone-jarring drive back from the Racetrack, I arrived at Ubehebe Crater just after the sun set.  The Amargosa Mountains to the east were still lit by the sun, but quickly turning from purple to grey.

I admired Ubehebe Crater for just a minute, before getting back in the car.  No surprise, it was windy here, just like it was when I visited the crater back in 2005.

As I drove the 38 miles from Ubehebe Crater to Daylight Pass Road, a beautiful late-evening sky lit up, then faded away in my rear-view mirror.

[tmt_info =””]After making the turn onto Daylight Pass Road (which, by the way, is notmarked for southbound travelers), I still had 133 miles to go to get to Las Vegas, where my disappointing motel room was waiting at one of the far-off-the-strip casinos.  I filled up with gas and beverages at Beatty, which has a few good motels.  I stayed in Beatty on my 2005 trip, and it would have made sense to stay there again, except I wanted to use the final full day of my trip to return to Zion National Park — which I had missed (due to food poisoning) on Day 2.  That meant a long drive to Vegas, sleep, then another long drive into southwestern Utah the next morning. [/tmt_info]

[tmt_info =””]If you’re traveling Daylight Pass Road before all the daylight is gone, or you just want to have a truly ghostly experience, be sure to visit Rhyolite.  It’s an old ghost town with plenty of well-preserved ruins.  Check out my 2005 visit to Rhyolite to learn more.[/tmt_info]

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