The Oregon & Northern California Trip

9 Days, mostly on the Pacific Coast

The Oregon and California Coast road trip begins and ends in Portland. The tour of the coast starts in beautiful Cannon Beach. From there, the incredible ocean scenery lines up in a row, with rocky and sandy beaches, dramatic capes, and picturesque coves. Once in California, there are redwood forests waiting to make you feel insignificant. After the remote Lost Coast and quaint Mendocino, the trip takes you into San Francisco. Once you leave the city, mountain lakes like Tahoe, Shasta, and Crater provide excitement, before the route returns you to the coast for one final day.

Day 1

Northern Oregon Coast

Day 2

Southern Oregon Coast

Day 3

Redwoods and the Lost Coast of Northern California

Day 4

California 1 to San Francisco

Day 5

San Francisco, then inland

Day 6

Into Nevada: Lake Tahoe, Reno

  • Downtown Reno at Night

    Reno has one of the country’s most recognizable skylines.  In part, it’s because many of the casinos are colorfully lit ...
  • Pyramid Lake Indian Reserve, Nevada

    After visiting Virginia City, it was still too early to settle in for the evening in Reno.  So, I took ...
  • Virginia City, Nevada

    Virginia City is–first, foremost, and unashamedly–a tourist trap.  You should come to terms with this, before you even add it ...
  • Carson City, Nevada

    I’ve gotta admit, about the only thing that excited me about Carson City, Nevada, was the chance to check one ...
  • Genoa, Nevada

    After you drop down from the mountains surrounding Lake Tahoe, you have the chance to visit Nevada’s first town, Genoa. There isn’t a ...

Day 7

Through inland Northern California

Day 8

Crater Lake, then back to the coast

Day 9

More time on the coast, then back to Portland