Spearville, Kansas – City of Windmills


Spearville used to be known as the Home of the Lancers–the local high school.  Nowadays, a landmark billboard along Highway 50/56 has been modified, to proclaim Spearville to be the home of the Lancers and Windmills.  The change was made for a good reason: you simply can’t miss the dozens of modern windmills scattered on farmland north of town.

An anonymous visitor writes: Spearville was known as the City of Windmills before the windfarm was built. Eleanor Fry published a book in 1975 called “Spearville – City of Windmills”.

The Spearville Wind Farm was completed in 2006.  It includes 67 General Electric turbines, capable of producing 100.5 megawatts of power–enough to light up 33,000 homes.

There’s a small interpretive display that provides plenty of fun facts about the wind farm.  Here are a few more:

  • Each tower is 262 feet tall–include the blade, and each windmill is 66 feet taller than Kansas’ tallest building.

  •  Although the entire structure weighs 120 tons, a breeze of just 8 miles per hour can turn the blades.

  • The site was chosen because it is out of the way of the paths of migratory birds, aviation, and microwave radio towers.

Spearville is located on US 50/56, east of Dodge City, Kansas.

Note: This trip was first published in 2008.

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