Carson City, Nevada


I’ve gotta admit, about the only thing that excited me about Carson City, Nevada, was the chance to check one more state capitol off my list.

 [tmt_info =””]Nevada’s Capitol Building is located along US 395 in the middle of town.  You can’t miss it.[/tmt_info]

The Nevada Capitol Building isn’t quite as imposing as some other state capitols.  It does, however, have a nice display on the history of the state inside, and it’s worth about 15 minutes of exploring, before you move on.

[tmt_info =””]In an old travel guidebook, I read that the Carson City Nugget casino (the big one, right next to the state capitol building) had a display featuring an impressive array of gold nuggets.  I poked my head inside the casino for just a few minutes, but didn’t see anything of interest.[/tmt_info]



Note: This trip was first published in 2007.

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